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Client Profile

Name:    SURGO TEX

URL:    http://www.surgo-tex.com/

Title:    Responsive Website Development (HTML-Bootstrap)

Description:    Surgo-Tex holds expertise in the field of technical products like Lint-free wipes, Lint-free pad and, Crinkle/Waffle Gauze. They are in this field from last 25 years. Surgo-Tex has achieved ISO certification in 2012 for Quality Management System. Genuine quality, reliable price, and timely delivery are defined in quality policy of Surgo-Tex and are practiced strictly. Surgo-Tex believes in social service, they have taken social welfare as a leading responsibility. These activities are revealed on website to encourage others. Ideatore has developed a secure, robust, user-friendly and responsive website. The main feature is that customers can easily check products and applications which are powered with reading compatibility. This website was tested on 5 Browsers: Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Safari, IE 11 (Windows), Chrome