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URL:    http://selprints.com

Title:    SELPRINT


SELPRINT is one of the top online printing sites in India. They have built their reputation in the printing industry by ensuring that their client's in various sectors of the industry (from advertising to manufacturing) can effectively communicate their message by using the brightest of images to their best. Finding ways to release these colorful images has kept their presses humming for over 54 years.The accumulated talent of experienced knowledgeable professionals gathered under one roof make each job distinct and this more or less sums up the expertise at SEL PRINT.Their expertly crafted printing services surpass their client expectations by meeting three standards for professional performance quality reproduction, impeccable service and competitive pricing.AsIdeatore, we have developed a well designed website that is accessible to all users and has well-planned information architecture, rapid loading, well-planned content, browser consistency, mobile compatibility, effective navigation, etc. And most importantly it was tested on different device types that use different browsers and has a different screen size that functions on various resolutions. The website was tested on 5 different browsers such as Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera, and Safari. And on different devices such as Desktop, Mobile and Tablets and on various resolutions such as 1920px, 320px and Tablet 1280px etc. The 4 best programming languages that were used for web development are HTML, CSS3, JavaScript, AND PHP.