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Client Profile

Name:    The Digital Fifth

URL:    https://www.thedigitalfifth.com/

Title:    The Digital Fifth


The Digital Fifth is India's first Fintech Consulting and advisory firm for Banks, NBFCs, Wealth Management, Mutual Funds and Insurance Segments. They are a go-to solution for established BSFI organizations and emerging game-changers in the industry. The Digital Fifth empowers businesses by providing them with tested as well as bespoke solutions for their digital evolution journey. As niche consulting firm, they focus mainly on Digital Transformation, Strategic Partnerships between start-ups and banks and Fintech TrainingKnowledge Partners for the India Fintech Forum, The Digital Fifth has broken new boundaries since it's inception. As Ideatore we have customized a bespoke website, that is backed with future-ready know-how and is accessible to all users and has well-planned information architecture, rapid loading speed, well-planned content, browser consistency, mobile compatibility, effective navigation, etc. And most importantly it was tested on different device types that use different browsers and has a different screen size that functions on a variety of resolutions. The website was tested on 5 different browsers such as Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera, and Safari. And on different devices such as Desktop, Mobile and Tablets in various resolutions such as 1920px, 320px and Tablet 1280px etc. The 4 best programming languages that were used for developing this website are HTML, CSS3, JavaScript, and PHP.