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   Best SMS services in mumbai

Promotional SMS

Different communication solutions for your varied business needs.
Bulk promotion SMS is one of the cheapest marketing solutions. You can pass around your brand, product or offer in a second with one click. You can send your clients to new offers, fresh merchandise and events immediately. SMS marketing used to promote the brand, features, product merchandising, general awareness, Event, such as a happy birthday wish, happy Diwali, and so on

Ideatore provides Bulk SMS marketing for small to big commercial enterprises in India. Telephone, email and chat Help available.

Transactional SMS

Different communication solutions for your varied business needs. Transactional SMS: – which text messages are sent from server site to mobile device of your customers to through text message pass on info necessary for using your brand, product, organization, or services like financing transition, bank account transaction. The information transmitted to your client (s) by the company or bank or financial institution insurance company or credit card For example- A message sent by any bank account holder regarding of his/her bank account balance is available XXXXX Nov 20, 2015. (This text message can be sent by any telecommunication company that you recharge has been successful.

This day transactional SMS services appear to be a unique solution for the sharing of information to clients. In no time, the bulk SMS service can make a larger number of people (public) at an affordable price. With a single click you can commercialize your merchandise and services.